How can you write when you’re too scared to read ?

I will start finish my book one day. 

I was a voracious reader of travel memoirs.  I devoured and admired the various styles of storytelling and observations, I trawled the library shelves to feed my appetite.  I listened to endless podcasts in the car and fantasized about whether we could actually pull this whole crazy caper off.

Now I look at those same rows of books with something akin to grief.  I’m hesitant to approach those books, they make me sad my own adventure is over, and more than that, I don’t want to inadvertently imitate something I read.  When I read a phrase and think, “yes, I really like that”, does this somehow lessen my own creativity?     Is it permissible to collect others’ concepts and words to stock your literary larder?

I think our year of adventure, effectively turning our lives upside down and travelling without structure is a story worth telling.  I know there are lots of similar products out there already, but they’re not our story.  We weren’t young to begin with, we’re not stunningly beautiful, wealthy or trying to look like we are, don’t have gzillions of insta-followers, don’t make a living in the digital world.  At the end of our time, had to go back to our real life, drive to work and get on with it.  Maybe ordinary is a better word to describe us.  Maybe we’re just like you.

I won’t lie, I don’t know how many other people will think anything I write will be worth reading, assuming they even notice it but…well, I guess if you use that logic it’s doubtful you would bother getting out of bed in the morning.

What do you think? I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts….

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Is it too late to have a gap year in your late 50s? To take back some time from our day to day working life to travel - unplanned, unescorted, unfettered? To take that leap? It was a defining year - liberating, challenging, humbling, scary. It was many things, but it wasn't a holiday.

4 thoughts on “How can you write when you’re too scared to read ?

  1. Write the damn thing! 😀 You deserve to be heard no matter what you look like, how many followers you’ve got or how much money you have in the bank. Looks and social fame are temporary but ultimately we’re all craving something more, something deeper, and some real stories that will offer something more than a pretty picture to scroll through.

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  2. I can relate to your ponders. I too would love to write a book one day, but I also feel that many concepts have already been explored and many words have already been written, so I am left wondering what my place in it all is. I agree with Dee though! If you have a story in mind, it would be a shame not to create it.


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