Remember that bar in Krakow?

Eszeweria, Krakow

Ready to get comfortable? Just perfect for settling in….

It was the middle of the day, and it looked anything but inviting.  I can’t recall how we even came to cross the threshold.    But taking a chance on a bar often pays off big time. 

A dimly lit entrance drew us in.  A funky collection of rooms,  with a pretty little beer garden holding more alcoves and outdoor spaces revealed itself, shyly at first…   Artistically placed lampshades, mismatched retro furniture and jars with gorgeous flowers make the ambiance welcoming and arty.  

Rooms with well-worn couches and armchairs beckoned lone guests writing blogs and checking emails.   Groups of friends catching up over a beer sought the sunshine in the garden as did students transplanted from the lecture theatre to enjoy a coffee and robust discussion.   We sat outside enjoying a beer, opposite a lady sitting on sofa engrossed in her laptop until her friend arrived.

get your bearings…

Eszeweria is in the Jewish quarter of Krakow.   Here is their facebook page, so you can find it.  It is also serendipitously located opposite Starka, a delightful restaurant offering the holy grail of European cuisine, boned pork knuckle….there will be a separate post on that….   On the way home you can pick up a polish donut, a yeasty delight filled with  delicious fillings like sour cherry  or apricot jam.

The Bar has evolved, you no longer need to consume alcohol at a bar, coffees in all its forms or even water is perfectly fine.    It’s no longer about drinking, but socializing.    The bar doubles as a communal space, a playgroup or support group.   

polish donuts....mmmm

To keep up your strength…

I recommend  you get out and try one.   Make sure you tell me about it.

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Is it too late to have a gap year in your late 50s? To take back some time from our day to day working life to travel - unplanned, unescorted, unfettered? To take that leap? It was a defining year - liberating, challenging, humbling, scary. It was many things, but it wasn't a holiday.

7 thoughts on “Remember that bar in Krakow?

  1. I’m not sure I’d have been brave enough to go in but look what I’d have missed.
    That photo of the woman through the doorway looks almost like an Old Master painting – until you see the laptop that is.
    I’m on a sugar rush just looking at those donuts.

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  2. It was such a surprise….and the light in there was like a painting… the donuts were not overly sweet, more yeasty but with amazing fillings. best I’ve ever had… (no wonder there is cascading flesh over the waistband of the jeans)…

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